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Specialty Cocktails

Enjoy the Featured Daily Margarita for 7
Volcano Margarita   20

Great for Sharing! This Behemoth 32oz Margarita is Made with Cuervo La Reserva Plantino and Cointreau.

Platinum Margarita   16

For Your Special Occasion! Clase Azul Silver and Cointreau Noir.

Santa Fe Margarita  10

José’s Secret…Discovered While Fleeing New Mexico! Sauza Conmemorativo and Cointreau.

Ultimate Margarita   10

The Name Says it All! Cuervo Tradicional and Cointreau.

Alamo Margarita   11

After One of These, You’ll Definitely Remember! Sauza Conmemorativo, Grand Marnier and Cointreau.

Black & Gold Margarita   9

There’s Gold in Them Hills, Amigo! Cuervo Gold and Chambord.

Green Supreme Margarita   9

They’ll Be Green with Envy When They See You with This Gem! 1800 and Midori Melon Liqueur.

Horni Blue Margarita   10

Electrifying Color and Taste! Sauza Hornitos and Blue Curacao.

Peach Margarita   9

When Your Feeling Peachy! Peach Liquor and Cazadores Silver.

Fresh Mango Margarita   10

Do a Tango with This Mango! Fresh Mango, Mango Liquor, and Montezuma Blanco.

Margarita Taster Tray   12

For the Indecisive! A Sampling of Four of Our Signature Margaritas.


Bud   5
Bud Light   5
Coors   5
Coors Light   5
Miller Lite   5
Michelob Ultra   5
Guiness (can)   6.5
Heineken   5.5
Corona   5.5
Corona Light   5.5
Tecate (can)   4
Bohemia   6
O’Doul’s Lager   4.5


House Wines  6.5 by the glass

Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, White Zin, Merlot, Cabernet

House-Made Sangria  6.5 by the glass

Horchata  3.5 by the glass


Platas & Blancos

Usually Clear and Aged no More Than 2 Months

Cazadores Silver 8.5
Cuervo Gold 7
1800 Silver 8
Cabo Wabo Blanco 8.5
Montezuma 5.5
Don Julio Silver 10
Patron Silver 9.5


Golden Color and Aged 2 Months to One Year

Cazadores Reposado 9
Don Julio Reposado 10
1800 Reposado 9.5
Hussong’s 8.5
Patron Reposado 10
Sauza Hornitos 9
Cuervo Tradicional 9


Deep Honey Color and Aged for at Least One Year in Sealed Barrels

Sauza Conmemorativo 9.5
Cazadores Añejo 10
Corralejo Añejo 10.5
1800 Añejo 10.5
Patron Añejo 11
Don Julio Añejo 11
Don Julio 1942 Extra Añejo 19